"Karate has really enhanced Hunter’s quickness, control and focus. Sensei Brian does a great job working with each individual student according to their own ability and style. Also, the quality of student that Brian has attracted to his dojo cannot be understated. The senior students set a fantastic example for the younger ones."

"Sensei Brian Purves has taught Karate to my two boys’, Jacob and Isaac, for three years. During this time, he displayed great patience and beliefs in my kid’s physical and mental abilities. The lessons learned by my boy’s include internal discipline, focus and endurance during moment of challenges, facing defeat with humbleness and to reach their full potential. Sensei Purves is well respected by his students, their parents and in the Karate community."

"Karate has enhanced my son’s coordination, balance and speed all of which have benefited him in his sport/activities. In addition to increase athleticism, Karate has also taught him the importance of timing, patience and anticipation. I also would emphasize that those who train at (are associated with) Westwood Goju-Ryu make the dojo an especially welcoming community and a great place to learn."

"Initially what drew me to take a look at Sensei Brian’s dojo was his professionalism and skill.  When we moved to Port Coquitlam and I was looking for a martial arts class for my kids, but too often I went to schools where it seemed the emphasis was on advancing the students in belts quickly all at the same time. None of that happens here.  Brian has the credentials and the personal skills, but he has more than that, he genuinely loves teaching kids and the kids respond to that and flourish as a result. 

I come from a Karate background so I knew what to look for and I could tell right away that Brian has a solid foundation in Karate. There is no doubt that my kids have benefited both physically and mentally from training at Westwood Karate. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Brian’s school to anyone that is interested in registering their kids for martial arts.
- Attila

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